The Cheeky Panda


The Project

The Cheeky Panda is an award-winning company creating sustainable, affordable, luxury tissue paper products from Bamboo. The great properties of bamboo tissue paper include the fact that it has 65% lower carbon than traditional paper (that’s a saving of one tonne of carbon per 4,500 rolls) and 31% lower carbon than recycled tissue. The paper is biodegradable, it’s 100% organic and uses no fertilisers or chemicals to assist the growth, and it is free from B.P.A, formaldehyde, chlorine, fragrance or de-inking agents.

The Cheeky Panda has 3 main sales streams; online through amazon and ethical superstores, through supermarkets and through B2B in restaurants, hotels and office buildings. By switching to bamboo toilet paper, a building can save one ton per 1,000 people per month, or one ton per 100,000 visitors to a venue. The company has already launched the toilet tissue, along with other products new to the market, including tissues, luxury tissues and napkins.

In order for the company to grow, it was realised that there was an imminent need to reach and connect with new customers, an exercise that required both time and effort. Due to the company initially operating with limited resources, it was decided to seek out other ways to bridge this operating gap.

The company identified a need for outsourced PR support, along with the necessity for further online promotion via their key selling platforms; Amazon, Facebook etc. To ensure that the Cheeky Panda name was prominent within its market target audience, they also needed to raise their profile at major trade exhibitions in key venues; Excel, Olympia etc.

The Process

The Cheeky Panda Directors, Chris Forbes & Julie Chen, were referred to the LoCASE project by the Essex Innovation Programme, who had already provided help with logistics, risk and operational management for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) products, and retail and supermarket tendering guidance. Within a few days of hearing about the grant scheme, and with support from the LoCASE Team, the application was submitted and the successful outcome meant that The Cheeky Panda was able to commence with the project.

The Outcome

A LoCASE grant of £10,000 enabled The Cheeky Panda to recruit local Braintree PR company, sarahBee marketing, to identify and deliver creative, strategic solutions to ensure that they hit their market target needs.

The grant has also enabled the company to attend several major trade exhibitions, with more in the pipeline. This Innovation50 company continues to go from strength to strength and is more than ever determined to ensure that its products disrupt the market and go global, helping the environment along the way.


“LoCASE has been extremely useful in helping us market our sustainable bamboo tissue products. As a start-up it is very expensive to do trade shows and gain media awareness and LoCASE has been extremely useful in supporting us, showing how by using bamboo, companies can lower their carbon footprint.”

Chris Forbes & Julie Chen, Directors, The Cheeky Panda

For further information regarding the LoCASE project, please contact or visit
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