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 Growing the Low Carbon Economy

Across the South and East

An Update from County Hall – November 2017


The team are well into delivery of our Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) programme, with over £2M of ERDF grant investment invested in a range of projects for over 320 SMEs in the region. Grants range from £1K to £10K depending on project size and impact.

There are two funding pots on offer. The first covers not just the standard lighting, heating and insulation retrofit works to scores of commercial buildings, but can also help embed sustainability (such as sedum roofing) and renewable infrastructure into plans. It has also proved useful to those looking to adopt flexible travel and remote access options to reduce business mileage and associated emissions through site PDA, terminal server and video conferencing funding support.

Sedum roof on CF Architect’s office conversion

LED lighting replacement at Thanet Indoor Bowls Club

Green Gate Access Systems

Green Gate Access Systems

Our other work package has helped a number of firms in the Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services (LCEGS) sector develop and launch their products. One such SME is Green Gate Access Systems whose solar-powered mobile site barrier SOSEC has enjoyed instant success and is already in operation on a number of construction, tourism and leisure sites locally and as far flung as Australia.

The design and construction sectors have already been well catered for with support integrating BIM, design software and other process modernisation or streamlining projects approved, as well as opportunities to integrate reclaimed or upcycled materials into builds. Waste management and circular economy opportunities are being explored with the ideals of the ‘reduce:reuse:recycle’ mantra a central theme to our work with SMEs and their supply chain.

LoCASE collaboration events and coordinated support for the biomass and wood fuel sector looks to see Kent sites chiefly service the biomass facility at Discovery Park in Sandwich, but also to get the very best out of our woodland in the South East. With this in mind, we’re looking forward to our Wood Fuel Collaboration Event over at Bore Place (Chiddinghurst near Edenbridge, Kent).

This is another perfect opportunity for all suppliers of ‘green’ goods or services in the region to work a little smarter and innovate so as to make the most of this flexible ERDF funding on offer to them (and their SME customers within Kent, Essex and East Sussex). The programme is set to wind up in the Spring of 2019 and there’s £4M left to claim so use us while you can!