News - March 2022

About this event


Are you a small employer looking to save money on overheads by installing energy efficiency measures? Or an employer already offering low carbon goods and services (and would like to develop more in that direction?) The Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) programme is ready to assist you with funding and knowledge.

LoCASE is supported by the European Regional Development Fund with the aim of helping businesses to become more competitive and profitable, while at the same time protecting the environment and encouraging the adoption of low carbon solutions. To do this, LoCASE provides grants for businesses of up to £10,000, as well as free learning programmes and other fully funded events.

Grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available to be spent on eligible costs such as: energy efficient heating and lighting; insulation and glazing; investment in renewables; and equipment upgrades to more energy efficient models.

For businesses offering low carbon/environmental goods and services, LoCASE offers help with development costs such as: marketing and website development; re-tooling and installation of new or replacement machinery and hardware; materials for Research & Development; consultancy costs; etc.

This business opportunity is available now and will continue until June 2023. Find out more by attending our FREE 40-minute webinar on Tuesday 15th March starting at 15:00pm. Learn about how your organisation could benefit from LoCASE, and other key business support services you can access from the Solent Apprenticeship and Skills Hub across the Solent and Hampshire area.

We look forward to welcoming you to this event and/or future webinars that will be run on a monthly basis. If you’re unable to attend the February event, please contact us at for information on future webinars and for any further information or enquiries.

To register please follow the link: LoCASE Information Webinar – April Edition Tickets, Thu 7 Apr 2022 at 11:00 | Eventbrite