Growing the Low Carbon Economy

Across the South East

LoCASE Partners


The Low Carbon Across the South East Programme has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014-20.

It is a partnership between Kent County Council, East Sussex County Council, Essex County Council, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, Thurrock Council and the University of Brighton.

LoCASE Services


Totalling over £18.5 million and funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014 – 2020, the LoCASE project will be able to provide support to your business in a number of ways:

  • The provision of two types of grant funding (up to a maximum of £10k) that can be awarded to your organisation to improve business performance in terms of profitability, resilience and competitiveness, at the same time as contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment. This grant funding will form 40% of the cost of your eligible project, with the remaining 60% matched by your business;
    1.  Any business can qualify to use this money toward having energy efficiency measures installed for their business, with both the cost of materials and installation being covered.
    2.  If your business offers low carbon goods or services, a business development grant is also available to you. You can claim against eligible costs such as marketing, consultancy, equipment, IT software, product/process development, accreditation and certification.
  • The Steps To Environmental Management (STEM) scheme can help your business to build an environmental management system aligned with the requirements of ISO 14001, or redesign an existing system using provided tools and templates. Workshops will be laid on free of charge, which focus on each of the three stages of the scheme so you are able to progress at your own speed. This longstanding scheme is being updated to ensure it stays relevant with the new formulation of ISO 14001 and also incorporates business resilience information.
  • Business support for growth focussed low carbon / environmental sector companies in East Sussex via the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform.
  • Innovation and R&D support to help low carbon / environmental sector companies develop new products and services via the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform and other regional universities.
  • A number of events and conferences will be supported by the project to help share information about the low carbon market including technologies and procurement whilst also providing you the chance to network with other businesses.

Other Services


Essex Area


Essex Innovation Programme


  • Free mentoring support from experienced, private sector professionals for growth focused low carbon/environmental sector companies in Essex.



Sustainable Travel Planning



  • Participation in Essex County Council’s Travel Plan Accreditation Scheme whereby SME’s will receive advice and support in writing, developing and implementing effective Travel Plans for their staff and visitors.  This will help with reducing reliance on single occupancy car use and encourage people to use different modes of travel.